Wonder Bar with these lovely ladies ❤️ @conniesh2 @duhleenuhh

Sam Situ! 💜 He’s so precious. @prettyboysitu

Clearly he’s so thrilled to be with me. That’s my Pauly-Whirl, @mothafkawong #LittleBro #PainInTheAss #BiggestDerpIKnow

The days are getting longer and more stressful.. It’s times like this when I just need to dive into a ball pit as if I was five years old again without a care in the world.

Happy Birthday @_niknom 💜

Reunited with some of my Swift/KB fam. 😊💜

Am I Instagram famous yet? #Sike #OOTN #JustWantedToLookPurtey #PrettyBitch #PrettyMotherfucker

Cheers to a weird yet enjoyable night. Shout out to the best DJ in Boston, @jessejessdj | & @duhleenuhh I hope you had a fun birthday weekend! #PBNight #TeamPB

How I feel about Dalena’s birthday today. JK! See you tonight, PB. 🙌👆👆 #TeamPB #birthdaybitch #BigBootyHoe

How I feel about Dalena’s birthday today. LOL jk. See you soon, PB! 🙌👆👆 #TeamPB #BirthdayBitch #BigBootyHoe

My first #WCW goes out to my best friend, my sister, my PB, @duhleenuhh. Ain’t she a doll? Or a conceited maddaahh fuckaah. Jk. Her 22nd birthday is tomorrow and I’m super excited to celebrate with her all weekend! Birthday shots all around 🍻🍸There is gonna be no shutting it down this weekend. 🙌👇👇🙅 🙌👆👆💁 #TeamPB #TSPB #DontHateMeForUsingThisPhoto #JalapeñoBusiness

When going to the batting cages with your Mom goes wrong. LOL #oops

I sure do love sweet surprises! ☺️

Seis Flags con mi amigos. Platinum flash pass was well worth it. & Bizarro was insane at night. 👌😏😱

BMC Durfee High c/o 2010 | BristolCC c/o 2012 | UMass Amherst c/o 2014 🙌🎓 ❤️